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boro-architectural-review-boardThe Borough of Milford Zoning Department handles all land development issues within the borough. All structure changes and all new structures require permits; all business changes plus all new businesses require permits. Individuals seeking to subdivide, develop, or build on property must comply with the approved laws governing land development in the Borough of Milford, and the individuals must submit the proper applications for subdivisions, site plans, variances, and zone changes. If you are uncertain what forms you need, or how the process works, please call the Borough Office or stop by to pick up a packet.  All applications for Zoning are available on this website under “FORMS”. Please remember to provide everything in minimum of triplicate.
Zoning Hearing Board meets on as needed basis.    Zoning Hearing Board members are:
  • Fran Wood, Chairperson
  • David Heim
  • Peter Rushton, Alternate
  • Nancy Greening, Alternate
  • Atty. Anthony Magnotta, Zoning Hearing Board Solicitor
The Zoning Officer, Shawn Bolles, can be contacted  in the Borough Zoning Office on the second floor above the Borough Hall at 109 West Catherine Street in Milford on Tuesday from 9:30 am – 12:00 pm, or by email at Call the Borough Zoning Office at (570) 296-4255