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Garbage collection is normally done on Thursday mornings by the borough street employees. If a particular Thursday is the date of an official Borough of Milford holiday, then the garbage will be collected on the Wednesday before that holiday. Residents are only allowed two (2) 30 gallon cans for garbage, which are to be placed for collection on the side of the alley adjacent to their property.  Residents may purchase purple garbage bags for $1.00/each at the Borough Office to dispose of extra garbage.  They may also purchase a sticker, valid for one year, to place on an extra can each week.  The cost of the sticker is $50.00 for the year. Commercial properties must use dumpsters for garbage and must arrange for the independent emptying of their dumpsters via private haulers. Commercial properties that prepare food on site are required to have their dumpsters screened, gated, and secured as per the borough ordinance; contact the borough office for specific details and other requirements in regard to dumpsters. Please note that private haulers may not empty dumpsters before 8:00 a.m. or the hauler will be ticketed by the Milford police.


The annual leaf collection occurs on numerous days during November and early December. Leaves have to be raked in piles on the side of the street directly in front of the property so that the leaf vacuum machine can easily remove them. Leaves that are bagged or in containers cannot be removed.  


The Borough of Milford Street Department plows snow from the streets and alleys of the borough as well treats ice on the streets as soon as the winter storm has ended or periodically during long and severe winter events. Residents and business owners must remove snow and ice along the sidewalks bordering their properties on Broad Street and Harford Street. Snow and ice removal occurs throughout the day and night depending upon the storms.


Weather permitting there is the collection of yard waste such grass clippings, weeds, shrubs, twigs, and tree branches by the street employees. All yard waste is to be placed in cans along the side of the alley behind your property. If you have many shrubs or branches which are too numerous to place in cans, then please bundle them with rope or twine so that they can easily be lifted by a worker. Remember if you cannot easily lift the bundle or can to shoulder height, then neither can the worker lift the bundle or can to throw into the dump truck. Any can or bundle that cannot be lifted by the street worker will not be collected. Large or long branches have to be cut to an easily handled size for collection. After the autumn leaf collection, residual leaves can be placed in containers along the alleys.