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Alt textThe Borough of Milford has two large parks; each park has a ball field, playground equipment, a basketball court, and large grass areas. There are numerous small parks and memorial parks which are located throughout the borough. There is also a skate board park with specific rules for its safe use which are posted at the entrance of the skate board park. All parks are open from 8:00 a.m. to dusk and are maintained by the borough street department. The borough police make regular patrols of the parks. The West Ann Memorial Park is the site of many festivals throughout the year.
The following are the parks of the Borough of Milford:
  • West Ann Memorial Park: 5th St. at W. Ann St.
  • East Catherine Street Ball Field: 3rd St. at E. Catherine St.
  • Skate Board Park: located at the East Catherine Street Ball Field
  • Biddis Park: E. High St. at Broad St.
  • Soldiers and Sailors Park: across E. High St. from Biddis Park – This park honors all veterans of the Army, Navy, Marines, Air Force,& Coast Guard from Pike County
  • Kennedy Triangle Park: Harford St. at 2nd St.
  • Ethel Barckley Memorial Park: the end of E. Ann St. below 2nd St.
  • Georgiana P. Kiger Park: Broad St. across from The Columns Museum
  • Jewelers Square Park: Broad St. at E. Ann St.
  • Remembrance Park: W. Ann St. just beyond 7th St.
The members of the recreation commission are:
  • Jeff Mackey
  • Michael Zimmerman
  • Scott Sheldon
  • Brandon Hill
  • Joanne May (*Newly appointed Jan. 2, 2018)
For more information about the parks, festivals, and recreation in the Borough of Milford call the Borough of Milford office at: phone: (570) 296-7140