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Alt textThe Architectural Review Board of the Borough of Milford is the panel of professionals and residents that advises the Milford Borough Council on any requests for authorization to erect, alter, reconstruct, repair, restore, demolish, all or part of any building within the borough’s designated historic district, which includes the commercial and limited commercial districts of the Borough of Milford. Any additions, repairs, or new construction in the historic district must be approved by the Architectural Review Board prior to commencing any work plus complying with all applicable zoning and building ordinances. The Borough Council makes the final decision in regard to recommendations by the Architectural Review Board. The Architectural Review Board has compiled a comprehensive Design Guide for maintaining and rehabilitating all structures in the commercial and limited commercial districts. Anyone contemplating any changes or additions to any structures in these districts should consult and comply with the information in the Design Guide at the bottom of this page. The Board meets on the 4th Monday of each month at 7:00 pm in the Borough Hall at 109 West Catharine St.  Applications should be in the office ten (10) days prior to the meeting.  (In the event that the 4th Monday is a holiday, the ARB will meet on the 3rd Monday of the month).
  Contact the Borough of Milford office for more information in regard to the historic district regulations and the Architectural Review Board.  
Borough Office 111 West Catherine Street Milford, PA 18337 phone: (570) 296-7140 fax: (570)409-6858 email:
The members of the Architectural Review Board are:
    • Kevin Stroyan, Chairman
    • Peggy McKiernan
    • Charles O’Neil
    • Michael Maruszewski
    • Michael Arizan
    • Vlad Potiyevsky, Architect
    • Attorney James Scanlon, Solicitor